Worldwide Vision: Team Players

Every so often, a major magazine will publish a list of the best companies to work for. These are companies that treat their employees well, offer great perks and benefits, and so forth. What is noteworthy is that these companies are, without exception, very successful. There are never any unsuccessful companies in the mix—a reality that is not lost on the executives at Worldwide Vision.

Worldwide Vision: About the Company

It is fair enough to say that Worldwide Vision is a marketing firm. But when you get into the details behind their approach, things get a bit more interesting. In reality, the company is extremely unique – for what they do, and for the value they bring to customers.

Worldwide Vision: The Face to Face Advantage

Face to face marketing is not a new concept. It has existed for as long as we have had traveling salesmen! More recently however, it has manifested in the form of business to business sales. Still, the way that face to face firm Worldwide Vision does things a bit differently. Their approach involves in-store marketing as well as brand enhancement.

Worldwide Vision: An Environment of Success

Worldwide Vision: An Environment of SuccessWorldwide Vision is a company that strives to create a positive environment—not just for clients, but also for employees. A company built on a strong team dynamic, this unique kind of marketing firm prioritizes the satisfaction of its own team members. Their reason for this is simple: If the employees are satisfied, then they’re sure to become better motivated for making clients satisfied.

It is a winning philosophy that has served the company well. Standing proudly as one of the giants within the face-to-face marketing industry, this company is truly invested in creating an environment of success. The company provides employees with a place where they can truly thrive. In so doing, they’re paving the way for their own success with clients. In turn, they’re providing those clients with truly peerless standards of service.

What is Worldwide Vision all about? What do they do? What are their secrets for cultivating such a strong team environment? Read on to learn more about the factors that make this firm unique.

What They Do 

This company specializes in a practice most commonly referred to as “face to face” marketing. However, this isn’t the kind of face to face marketing you may have heard about. There are some who think of face to face marketing as, essentially, door to door selling. For others, the term denotes a business to business approach. But neither of these descriptions quite fits what this firm actually does.

In reality, the firm sends well-trained representatives into some of the nation’s biggest retail stores. It is inside these stores that they seek to market products to customers. The company generates leads through working inside stores and talking with customers who are already there.

The Face to Face Advantage 

This may seem like an approach to marketing and sales that you’ve never heard of before. However, it’s worth noting that there are some undeniable advantages to this method. There is a reason why so many top-tier brands use Worldwide Vision’s face to face services to sell their products.

The big advantage of this approach is that products are marketed to consumers who are already present. As these consumers are already present, they are likely in a “buying” frame of mind. They are ready to buy products, and as such they are more receptive to these kinds of marketing approaches.

What’s more, the face to face method allows for an unobtrusive kind of personal interaction. The representative can actually speak directly with customers, and form a connection. At the same time, it is different from a door to door approach, or from telemarketing. Remember, the customers are already in the store, so the representative is not “bothering” them in any way!

Those are some of the perks that make this company’s face to face approach unique. So it is little wonder that they render their services to so many top-notch, nationally known brands. Indeed, many of the firm’s current clients are customers that you likely know well!

Worldwide Vision’s Tier-1 Clientele 

Currently, the company is doing work with different subscription TV services—for instance, DirecTV. The company may represent these TV providers in numerous big box retailers. And here again, the advantages are many.

The most obvious perk, for DirecTV, is that it helps bring them new customers—customers already in the store, and ready to shop! At the same time, it builds brand awareness. Even if the customer does not buy a subscription that day, he or she leaves with greater knowledge of the brand and what it is all about.

It is a beneficial relationship for the retailer, too. The Worldwide representatives are friendly and knowledgeable. They are devoted to establishing positive relationships with clients. For this reason, they are always welcome additions to the store itself!

There are other kinds of companies they work for, as well—not just TV or entertainment services. They also do work for home improvement companies. The bottom line is that the face to face model is flexible, versatile, and highly effective—not just in a niche, but in many different industries.

Worldwide Vision: Relationships Matter

One thing that deserves a mention is the fact that, at this company, relationships matter. They matter a great deal, in fact—almost like currency. And there are many different levels on which relationships are important.

Of course, there are the relationships that the company’s representatives have with customers. In many ways, this is the key to the success of their business model. The company seeks to ensure positive relationships with customers at all times. This enables their methods to truly work effectively.

It is equally important for the company to have positive relationships with the retail stores they enter. Remember that these representatives go into big-box retailer locations far and wide. It’s vital that the relationships formed are mutually beneficial in nature.

And there is one final relationship that matters—the relationship between the company and its employees!

Working at Worldwide Vision 

In truth, this is one of the things that has always set the company apart from competition. They care for their associates. This, in turn, ensures that the associates are committed to the team dynamic, and everyone is better suited for success!

The company shows its care for its employees in numerous ways. Provided below is just a partial list:

  • They offer unlimited and rapid advancement within the company.
  • They create a fun team atmosphere.
  • They reward hard work.

All of these things go into making the company the unique, performance-driven but team-oriented workplace that it is. That, in turn, is crucial to its overall success!

The Company at a Glance 

Worldwide Vision was founded in 2007 in the city of Raleigh, North Carolina. Initially, the company’s client list was locally based. Now, Worldwide Vision works with many national brands. In part, the company’s success comes from its unique face to face marketing approach. But most of it comes from the way that Worldwide Vision’s takes care of its employees, cultivating a strong team environment!

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Jul 09, 2012 by Henry Wello

I am Henry..I am one of the client of Worldwide Vision ...and i am satisfied in their works...their way of marketing approach is outstanding..... 919-896-7622 3200 Atlantic Ave. Raleigh NC, 27604 USA 5.0 5.0 1 1 I am Henry..I am one of the client of Worldwide Vision ...and i am satisfied in their works...their way of marketing approach is outstanding.....