Worldwide Vision: Team Players

142394189Every so often, a major magazine will publish a list of the best companies to work for. These are companies that treat their employees well, offer great perks and benefits, and so forth. What is noteworthy is that these companies are, without exception, very successful. There are never any unsuccessful companies in the mix—a reality that is not lost on the executives at Worldwide Vision. 

This face to face marketing firm, founded in 2007 in Raleigh, has made employee relations a major priority since Day One. Of all of the company’s most treasured corporate virtues, building a strong team dynamic takes precedent. The company treats its employees well. In turn, the employees give 110% toward realizing the company’s goals.

In this formula, everyone comes out more successful. The question, though, is how the company shows the employees that it cares. There are three basic ways in which they do this.

Unlimited and Rapid Advancement

The company seeks candidates with entrepreneurial spirit who are genuinely excited to work at the entry level. Eventually, there is the promise to grow into an upper level management position—typically sooner than later. Over the course of the last year, they have expanded their client portfolio and grown into new divisions and locations.  Employees are given ample opportunity to train for leadership positions in different markets and branches.

A Fun Environment 

With all of that said, Worldwide Vision is also a very fun place to work! Once a week they get together for “team night.”  This evening includes some type of outing, which could incorporate anything from bowling to go-carting to a nice meal somewhere. The idea is to create a way for employees to bond, form relationships, and unwind a bit!

Worldwide Vision: Rewarding Hard Work

Finally, this is a company that rewards the hard work of its employees. Every year they stage a “Rest and Relaxation” trip for managers and top representatives around the country.  Past trips have visited the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas; Miami; and the El Conquistador in Puerto Rico.

These retreats are wildly popular among employees. Last year, the company had to separate the trip into two different sections because there was not enough room in the resort to hold everyone! Even with the divided trip, the resort was filled up both times.  The retreat went over so well that the company has announced plans to return to the same resort this autumn!

Company Overview 

Worldwide Vision is a face to face marketing firm, specializing in in-store brand promotion. The company was founded in Raleigh, North Carolina, in 2007. Worldwide Vision currently works with many Tier-1 brands. With that said, the company’s greatest claim to fame is, perhaps, the way it treats its employees. Worldwide Vision is known for its fun, team dynamic.

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